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Lvneng S5 Delivery (EEC)

Lveng S5 delivery electric cargo scooter 3000 watt
Lveng S5 delivery electric cargo scooter 3000 watt 85
Lveng S5 delivery electric cargo scooter 3000 watt 85
Lveng S5 delivery electric cargo scooter 3000 watt 85
Lveng S5 delivery electric cargo scooter 3000 watt 85
Baterija18650 Litij
opseg150 km
Vrijeme punjenja6 sati
Vlast3 kW (4 hp)
18650 Lithium
Odvojiva baterija
made in China  

Tehnički podaci

ModelS5 Delivery
Ubrzati25 i 45 km / h
Vlast3 kW (4 hp)
Težina64 kg
Baterija18650 Litij
Život baterije2.000 ciklusa
opseg150 km
Vrijeme punjenja6 sati

The S5 Delivery (EEC) is an electric cargo scooter by electric scooter manufacturer Lvneng from China. The company is dedicated to electric scooters since 1999 and has its own factory.

The S5 Delivery is designed and certified for the European market.

The scooter has a powerfull 3,000 watt electric motor by Bosch for a limited top speed of 45 km/h. The scooter provides a cargo load capacity of 180 kg.

The scooter has two removable 26 Ah Lithium batteries by Samsung for an effective driving range of 150 km. The batteries are of high quality and is of the same type as the batteries in the Tesla Model S. By using multiple batteries, the scooter can operate 24/7.

The scooter has an easy to read digital dashboard.

Lveng S5 delivery dashboard

The scooter has many unique features including a parking mode, reverse gear, bluetooth connectivity and extra strong puncture resistant tyres.

The scooter provides USB charging ports for a mobile phone.

The scooter is available in any color and with a custom business print.

The scooter can be ordered online and is shipped worldwide.


2021 Lvneng modela

S5Lvneng S5 (EEC) electric scooter 3000 watt 100
18650 Litij
120 km
S5 DeliveryLveng S5 delivery electric cargo scooter 3000 watt 100
18650 Litij
150 km
X1 (EEC)Lvneng X1 (EEC) electric scooter 2020 watt 100
18650 Litij
120 km
S3Lvneng S3 (EEC) electric scooter 1750 watt 100
18650 Litij
120 km
S4Lvneng S4 (EEC) electric scooter 1300 watt 100
LiFePo4 (LFP)
80 km

Odjel prodaje

Département des ventes
Distributeur exclusif LVNENG

Phone: +33 4 32 74 30 26
WhatsApp: +33 432743026

International sales

Jiangsu Lvneng Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd.
Hengshanqiao Industrial Zone

Attn: Mr. James He
Email: sales2@lvnengebike.com
Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 13861281626
WhatsApp: +86 13861281626
Skype: dywangshuo

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